Discover the beautiful Chichester District
and all the other lovely places nearby...

Nestled at the foot of the South Downs, Chichester is surrounded by beautiful countryside, sandy beaches, fishing villages, historical and family attractions, offering incredible diversity to suit every visitor.

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What's on

October 04th 2019 07:15am to November 03rd 2019 05:00pm
This autumn, Chichester Cathedral will be hosting Safe Spaces: an exhibition produced by a group of artists who have each created a personal response to the
October 05th 2019 07:00pm to November 15th 2019 07:00pm
A new adaptation of Michael Morpurgo’s magical adventure following Bertie and his beloved white lion from Africa to England and beyond.
October 05th 2019 08:00pm to November 02nd 2019 08:00pm
As a pub football team watches England’s 2000 World Cup qualifier, this provocative play takes aim at what it means to be black, white and English.
October 12th 2019 10:00am to February 09th 2020 05:00pm
Prunella Clough had an enduring curiosity in seeing the everyday anew and in so doing, making it ‘strange and unfamiliar’.

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