See our Roman side

Whether you’re a family seeking educational fun, a teacher looking to bring the classroom to life or a history buff in search of historical hotspots, we have something for you!

From the City to the countryside, you can’t travel far in our region without stumbling across something from a time gone by. A Norman cathedral, Tudor market cross, the ruins of a Tudor manor and fine Georgian townhouses, we have it all. But our real connections lie even further back - with the Romans.

From Roman walls and Roman roads to Roman villas and farmsteads, you’d be hard pressed to miss our ties with the Roman Empire. So much so, in fact, that on a visit to the City you’ll even see signs with Noviomagus Reginorum on - Chichester’s Roman name.

Much of Roman Britain may of course still be explored today but what sets the Chichester region apart from other areas is the significant number of high-status settlements that can be found here, including large villas, wealthy town houses and the largest Roman home in Britain at Fishbourne. Just why there was such a large number of ‘upmarket’ settlements in our region remains a mystery - maybe Chichester was a real ‘Roman Riviera’!

Come and explore, and decide for yourself...

Roman ruins to explore

  • Fishbourne Roman Palace: the largest Roman villa in Britain
  • Bignor Roman Villa: home to some of the most intricate mosaic floors in the country
  • Roman bath houses on the ground floor of the Novium Museum
  • Original Roman streets underneath Chichester Cathedral
  • Chichester’s Roman Walls (restored in later centuries) which can be largely walked


Photo credit: Fishbourne Roman Palace

Posted on January 15th 2019Category: Blog