Chichester's Best Bluebell Walks

They're out! Make a plan this weekend to walk through the Bluebells while they're at their best. Thanks to the lovely sunny weather last week they're a little earlier than usual. Bluebells are native to the UK and half the World's Bluebells are found in the UKs woodlands. If you plant them at home, make sure they're the British version; other varieties, including the Spanish Bluebell are very invasive and take over the spaces where British Bluebells might thrive. Try not to tread on them as they don're recover well and definitely do not pic them! They are a protected species and it's in fact illegal to intentially pick, up-root or destroy them.

We're very lucky in Chichester to have lots of places to see them, you'll find some of our favourites below.

Brandyhole Lane Woodland

For years Brandy Hole Lane was synonymous was smugglers tales. This part of West Sussex has a grisly history of smuggling. A mile of so from the upper reaches of Chichester Harbour, it was a handy place for smuggling gangs to hide their stash before moving their goods inland. Today its a great place to see Bluebells.

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West Stoke

This delightful ancient wood contains a mix of native broadleaf and exotic conifers, carpets of bluebell in the spring and a wide variety of bird and butterfly species. With several open glades and a small meadow, it provides important habitats for invertebrates and its prominent position on an otherwise flat landscape makes it a landmark that can be seen for miles around.

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The Slindon Estate runs guided bluebell walks and this year theyre from 22nd to the 29th April. You need to book, do so here.

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Bluebell Wood

Bluebell wood is a little treasure hidden away in a residential area. The wood is very small, approximately 150M long and only 25M wide at the widest point. It does however pack a lot into a small space and contains a wide variety of Flora and Fauna.

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