Creature Feature - The Sea Slug (Nudibranch)

"When we think of slugs the image of a fat, slimy garden slug fills our mind, however under the water they become something rather special. The correct name, nudibranch, is made up from the Latin and Ancient Greek words meaning “naked” and “gills”. They are a soft bodied mollusc that sheds its shell after the larval stage, they are colourful and have amazing forms. There are over 3,000 species known at present so please let me introduce you to a local colourful resident: the violet sea slug - Flabellina Pedata The name gives you a clue to this one’s choice of colour as they are a bright pink/...
Posted on June 24th 2020Category: Blog

Creature Feature - The Greater Pipefish

"There are some marine animals that strike a chord with us the minute we see them or hear about them. There is something about them that intuitively appeals to us." This week Anya introduces us to a close relative of the Seahorse; The Greater Pipefish - Syngnathus acus. There are several things that make this fish distinctive and hard to mistake for other creatures. They have a long thin body with an elongated snout. The snout can be over half the size of the head and is used to pick up small crustaceans and fish larvae that they like to feed upon. The Greater Pipefish is the most common...
Posted on June 17th 2020Category: Blog