Event date(s):
14th June 2019 10:00 - 10th August 2019 17:30

Opening times:

With a career spanning 35 years and many continents, Jon Nicholson’s relentless passion for capturing the real story is the driving force behind his photography. From behind the F1 barriers to documenting global issues, Jon’s view through his lens manages to capture a depth of human emotion or level of detail that many of us would fail to see. He has an incredible ability to find beauty in even the harshest of circumstances, creating pictures that communicate respect, empathy and a deep connection to his subjects.

There is no pretence, no judgement and no desire to shock, only to provoke thought, share knowledge and evoke passion.

Jon’s relentless pursuit of the picture he wants to take and the story he wants to tell, knows no bounds whatever the exclusivity of access, level of confidentiality, remoteness of geography or degree of danger. Jon was “the man for behind the scenes” in sport which granted him unprecedented access to top sports personalities and teams around the world in Motorsport, Rugby Union, Football and Athletics.

The exhibition will run from 14th June – 10th August 2019 at Augustus Brandt, Newlands House in Petworth.

For further details please contact

01798 344722 or enquiries@augustusbrandt.co.uk