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24th April 2020 19:30 - 16th May 2020 19:30

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From £10

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Henry Goodman stars in Bertolt Brecht’s epic play about the battle between scientific reason, the power of religion, and human responsibility.

1609. Galileo Galilei is a teacher of mathematics at the University of Padua. The establishment orthodoxy – which he’s been teaching to private pupils for years – is that the sun revolves round the earth, which is the centre of the universe. The theory confirms the scriptures and pays the bills.

Now, with the help of a newly-invented telescope, Galileo is starting to look at the universe afresh. And the more he looks, the more he sees, including mountains on the moon and strange stars around Jupiter. His discoveries not only support the heretical idea that the earth moves round the sun, they give rise to urgent new questions too. What if the earth is just another star? And if the church is wrong about the heavens, might it be wrong about how things are here on earth?

Brilliant minds have been burnt alive for asking such questions. Because though this is the age of science and discovery, it is also the age of the Inquisition.

David Edgar has revised and updated his translation for this production; his adaptations also include Nicholas Nickleby and The Master Builder, both seen at CFT.

Making welcome returns to Chichester are Director Jonathan Church, who was Artistic Director 2006–16; and Henry Goodman who plays the title role, following his appearances in Yes, Prime Minister (2010) and The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui (2012/13).