Perched high on top of the South Downs, Uppark House and Garden allows you to take in panoramic views across the South Down valleys and as far as the Isle of Wight. Set on chalk grassland, Uppark’s meadow supports a wide variety of wildflowers.  First to appear, in April and May, are the elegant bell-shaped heads of crown imperials alongside yellow rattle, which cleverly suppresses the growth of grasses, allowing other meadow flowers to thrive. Thousands of new narcissi have been planted at Uppark, giving visitors to the gardens in spring a beautiful floral treat. Pure white scented ‘Thalia’ will greet you just outside the main gates, whilst the driveway and café frontage are packed with fragrant creamy coloured variety W.P Milner Daffodils. The newly restored pathways wind themselves around the beautiful regency garden, giving visitors glimpses into the spectacular theatre Humprey Repton hoped visitors to Uppark would experience. Our magical new woodland play area allows for children of all ages to get back to nature before exploring the upstairs-downstairs story the mansion offers and getting some retail therapy or enjoying some scrummy café food with a view.

Open all year except for 24 & 25 December. For up to date information please visit website

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