This walk at Pagham Harbour is such a peaceful one with no sounds of traffic. There are splendid country views inland contrasting with the landscape of the harbour. The area of the harbour here is part of the 700 acres of the inter-tidal saltmarsh, where at various states of the tide some of the resident or migrant birds may be seen. This area is used as a breeding area by little terns which returned to the harbour in 2007 after an absence of more than a decade. Given reasonable weather it can be very rewarding to come here in the winter with a pair of binoculars or just to listen to the sounds and absorb the atmosphere. It is hard to imagine now that in the 13th century Pagham was the ninth largest port in the Kingdom. In 1341 Pagham suffered such severe gales that great areas were devastated by the sea. Huge banks of shingle more or less blocked the harbour and it faded into obscurity.

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