Come onboard. Step into the real world of Nelson’s navy. 

HMS Victory, the world’s most famous and oldest commissioned warship, was Nelson’s flagship at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805, which marked the end of Napoleon’s attempt to invade Britain by sea. The ship was also where Nelson himself died a hero’s death.

HMS Victory stands as a proud memory and living museum to the 800 men of the Georgian navy who lived, worked and fought onboard.

Explore where the crew ate their meals, the hammocks they slept in (and would be buried in) and imagine yourself clearing the ship for battle.  Meet our Victory Guides who will bring the real story to life, walk the decks and learn about the battles she faced and far off places she visited from her launch in 1765 to 1812.

Walk through the gun decks and imagine the broadsides firing, see the stores and galley and the upper deck and imagine commanding the fleet.

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