The Centurion Way was once the Chichester to Midhurst Railway line. The section between Lavant and Chichester was used for the transportation of sugar beet and was closed completely in 1957. The tracks were removed in 1993. The name Centurion Way was suggested by a local schoolboy and is based on the fact that the path crosses the course of a Roman road. 

The route goes from central Chichester to West Dean, covering 9km and is mostly flat and off road, except for a quiet road section through Lavant. Much of the route follows the River Lavant which is a winterbourne, only becoming a permanent feature to the south of the village of West Dean, the rest being restricted to the wetter months.

An easy access trail (1.5km) also runs on a section of the Way, close to West Dean with a wheeling ramp for to access the village, where you will find a village store and pub. 

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