Discover intriguing stories from Chichester District connected with extraordinary artefacts in a contemporary, state-of-the-art museum. Built above the remains of the Roman bath house, The Novium offers three floors of interactive exhibitions, exciting events and award-winning learning programmes, tourism services and the shop@thenoviumEntrance to the museum is now free.

What’s Inside the Novium Museum ?

Ground floor

Tourist Information Centre and shop

Chichester’s Tourism Information Service is located here, with knowledgeable staff on hand to tell you all about visiting the Chichester District. We also have a shop selling a range of gifts and souvenirs.

The Roman bath house 

The remains of the Roman bath house date back to the first century AD and they dominate the ground floor. It would have been used as a meeting place to engage in leisure activities and perhaps talk business. Many of its visitors would have hired slaves to look after their belongings!

The Chilgrove Mosaic 

The Chilgrove Mosaic dates back to the fourth century and was discovered at Chilgrove Roman Villa. 

The Jupiter Stone

This is a portion of a Roman sculpture base dated between the late first and early third century AD, which was dedicated to the God Jupiter. It was found during excavations in West Street, Chichester in 1934.

First floor – Time, Place and Curiosities

This provides a timeline and map that pinpoints the locations of historical importance in the district. Then move onto the curiosities case, which contains an undersea hedgehog, and a prehistoric elephant tusk that was pulled up in a lobster pot in Selsey. As you move into the large gallery you

will find a huge cube display case.

Second floor – Stunning views

As you reach the second floor, you have to stop and take in the breath-taking view of the cathedral. You can then enter the top floor gallery, which has some fascinating exhibits, including Chichester’s old jail door. 

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