Chichester Festival Theatre is one of the UK’s flagship theatres, renowned for the exceptionally high standard of its productions as well as its work with the community and young people. The Festival Theatre’s bold thrust stage design makes it one of England’s most striking playhouses; a studio theatre, the Minerva Theatre, sits nearby.

With its light and spacious foyers and welcoming cafe, bars and restaurants, all with lovely views over Oaklands Park, Chichester is one of the country's most loved and lively theatres.

The annual Festival season runs from April to November, during which productions originated at Chichester reach an audience of over 230,000 and frequently transfer to the West End. Year-round programming continues through the winter with the Theatre presenting high-class touring productions, as well as a traditional Christmas show mounted by the renowned Chichester Festival Youth Theatre.

Rooted firmly in its community, the Theatre runs a Learning, Education and Participation (LEAP) programme that is a beacon of excellence and inspiration to its local audience, as well as being home to one of the country’s largest youth theatres with over 800 members.

Festival 2018 offers a kaleidoscopic array of classics, musicals and new work – illustrating the breadth of CFT’s work and determination to appeal to as wide an audience as possible. To discover more and see what’s on, visit

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Chichester Festival Theatre - Arts & Culture

Has John straightened out? After years glued to his boyfriend, the couple have been through a sticky patch, and now John’s attached to someone else. Someone who is different in every single way. But can John give her what she wants, when he’s never been with a woman before?Funny and eye-openingly fresh and frank, Cock is a provocative peep into relationships in these days of oscillatin
Event date(s):
28th September 2018 19:45 - 27th October 2018 19:45
Chichester Festival Theatre - Arts & Culture

The Midnight Gang
This inventive tale of fun, friendship and the importance of kindness is adapted from David Walliams’s biggest-selling children’s book of 2016. Suitable for ages 7+.A bang on the head during a cricket match at his boarding school has landed twelve-year-old Tom in the children’s ward of the spooky Lord Funt Hospital.Luckily, he’s not on his own with the child-hating Matron a
Event date(s):
13th October 2018 19:00 - 03rd November 2018 19:00
Chichester Festival Theatre - Arts & Culture

The Watsons
What happens when the writer loses the plot?Emma Watson is nineteen and new in town. She’s been cut off by her rich aunt and dumped back in the family home. Emma and her sisters must marry, fast. If not, they face poverty, spinsterhood, or worse: an eternity with their boorish brother and his awful wife. Luckily there are plenty of potential suitors to dance with, from flirtatious Tom Musgra
Event date(s):
03rd November 2018 19:45 - 01st December 2018 19:45
Chichester Festival Theatre - Arts & Culture

Sleeping Beauty
A princess under a fairy’s curse pricks her finger on a spindle and sleeps for a hundred years, waiting to be woken by a prince’s kiss.But hold on a moment. There’s a distinctly different slant to this story. The princess is beautiful and spirited but there are two princes and a lot of threatening thorns. As for the fairy who caused all the trouble in the first place – well
Event date(s):
15th December 2018 19:00 - 30th December 2018 19:00